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Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a whiter, brighter smile. At Okanagan Smiles Dentistry we have options for whitening to best suit your needs! 


These trays can be re-used year after year as long as your teeth have not shifted and can be used for whitening solution but also desensitizer, MI Paste and other treatments when necessary. 


The simplest option we have, our Liquid Smiles system causes virtually no sensitivity and you can apply it anytime - the pen stores easily in your purse or drawer and takes seconds to apply!


The fastest results come from In-office treatment. In as little as 50 minutes the gel is applied to your teeth and activated during just one appointment. Note: In-office whitening causes the most sensitivity.

To learn more about teeth whitening check out this article in Icon Magazine, Spring 2012, written by Jen Burton, RDH. 

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