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Newly erupted teeth are extremely susceptible to tooth decay. To aid in the protection of your child's precious teeth we recommend placing a barrier into the deep grooves on the chewing surface to help block out cavity causing bugs.

With the addition of the Isolite to keep the tooth dry sealants are even easier for your child. The tooth is first cleaned with air abrasion to remove plaque and debris. Then etch is placed on the tooth to roughen the surface allowing the sealant to stick to the tooth. Next, the sealant is “painted” onto the tooth and set with a light. No anesthetic is needed. 

Sealants are not just for kids! Adults are subject to tooth decay, especially in the hard to clean back teeth - molars and premolars.

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I called Dr.Matson early on morning in distress. My temporary tooth (waiting for implant) had become loose. They got me in within the hour, were amazingly supportive and friendly, and I left there knowing that I definately wanted to come back here.
~ ratemds.com 

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