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At our dental office in Kelowna, the team at Okanagan Smiles will do our best to provide the most comfort and care when a tooth needs to be removed.

Accidents happen and sometimes a tooth cannot be fixed. If your tooth fits into this category rest assured you are in good hands at Okanagan Smiles Dentistry. Drs. Grewal has removed thousands of teeth during their careers. He removes wisdom teeth in-office and for the patients who are nervous around a dental environment especially with extraction of tooth,  we offer mild oral sedation if you need a bit of help to relax.

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I came into the dental clinic to get a fairly large chip in my front tooth (fixed). I really thought that I would loose my tooth but Dr. Matson cleaned it out and 'patched' my gap.

I was so pleased.

It didn't take long to get an appointment to see her and it didn't take long for her…

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