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Digital Complete Dentures

Now using advancing computer technology Okanagan Smiles offers digital dentures. What does that mean for you? Fewer visits, better materials, and bigger smiles!

Complete dentures can renew your smile and tooth function if you have lost all your upper or lower teeth. Dentures will restore facial muscle tone making you appear younger while improving your health. 

Two types of complete dentures exist, conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are for people who already are missing the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. This provides the best fitting denture because it is made after the bone and gums have healed and taken their new shape.  Immediate dentures are placed the same day the teeth are removed and will need to be relined later, once the bone and gums have healed and taken a new shape. 

New dentures will feel bulky and unnatural at first but you will soon adjust as your mouth becomes accustomed to them. When you receive a new denture your mouth will develop some sores and you will need to have your dentist adjust the denture while your mouth is adapting to it. The top denture usually fits more securely then a lower denture. To provide the denture stability and support dental implants and mini implants can be placed allowing you to feel more confident knowing your dentures are secure! 

It is very important to clean your gums, tongue and your dentures daily to maintain proper oral health. Bone will “melt” with time and your denture will need to be relined or replaced. Scheduling regular dental exams is important to make sure your dentures are fitting properly and to check for signs of oral disease

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