Gold? PFM? Zirconia? eMax? Monolithic? Layered?

Restoring a broken down tooth nowdays has a lot of options that really boils down to one question for you; White or Gold? The team at Okanagan Smiles will help you understand the best option for your tooth or bridge and then prepare your tooth for a custom-made crown.

A crown is a restoration that covers either the entire tooth or most of the tooth. Crowns are placed over a tooth that is weak, either from a large fillings or a root canal. There are a variety of crowns available to protect your teeth: from gold to all porcelain. At Okanagan Smiles we use labs who make their own crowns in-house using skilled local technicians.  In addition, our zirconia crowns are made using Nobel  products which can be traced from where the minerals come out of the ground all the way through production.  Their factory was highlighted on Discovery Channel's How It's Made and can be watched here.

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Very gentle Dentist, I was extremey impressed with his knowledgable staff!

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