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Air Abrasion

Do you hate needles? Do you dislike drills? For decay that doesn’t approach the nerve of the tooth we can use pressured air with particles in it to blow off the decay from within your tooth. When indicated, this method of removing decay is minimally invasive, meaning it removes the smallest amount of healthy tooth structure when removing the decay compared to any other method of fillings. To you this means healthier and stronger teeth once the fillings are done, and of course, no needles or drills!

Children especially benefit from this procedure as it is less traumatic than regular drilling, and sealants can be placed on a better enamel finish resulting in a great, long-lasting bond.

Ideally, early decay should be spotted by laser diagnosis using a DIAGNOdent. This is long before anything can be seen on an x-ray film, or visually.

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