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Common Questions: What Products are Available for Purchase?

Teeth Whitening
Okanagan Smiles dental office is proud to offer Liquid Smile, the first professional whitening pen containing the most powerful whitening agent, 12% hydrogen peroxide. Get fantastic results with ease! Simply apply directly to teeth at night for two weeks and get whiter teeth with very little or no sensitivity. To ensure that you do not cause damage to your teeth, we provide this product to patients after they have taken care of any cavities in their mouths and after a hygiene appointment.

Sonicare Toothbrushes
New Diamond Clean toothbrush with convient travel case and charger! Kids Sonicare, and Classic Sonicares also available. 

PerioPlus Mouth Rinse
Fight gum disease with PerioPlus! Okanagan Smiles dental hygienists will 

MI Paste
Mineral Infusion for your Teeth! We use beauty products for our skin. Creams and lotions that infuse into our cheeks to smooth and soften our skin. Believe it or not, our teeth absorb and release minerals as well! 

Every day we bombard our teeth with acidic foods and drinks which damage the surface of our teeth. This damage measures in the microns daily, but when left unchecked can add up over time, thinning our enamel and leaving us vulnerable to cavities or yellow teeth.

MI Paste is a formulation we apply topically either in a tray or by hand that helps, along with our saliva, to re-build and repair the damaged surface of our enamel.

MI Paste is an excellent product that reduces tooth sensitivity while strengthening teeth. MI Paste contains phosphopeptides which binds calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface restoring minerals to the teeth. MI Paste should be used in patients having sensitive teeth, are pregnant, for children six years or younger, and people undergoing orthodontic treatment, also if you are suffering from erosion, caries and dry mouth.

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