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Kelowna dentists, Dr. Visscher and Dr. Matson, shared a passion to provide dental care in under served areas has taken them internationally. Combined, their travels have encompassed numerous places in South and Central America, Kiribati, Haiti, Mexico, India, Guam, Burma/Myanmar and Russia.

Their travels take them to remote villages to provide the children and adults relief from dental pain. Many of the villages have never been visited before by a dentist. These trips are a reminder of how small our world is yet how great the need for health care there is. 

The past several years Drs. Visscher and Matson have worked with the non profit group, New Reality International,  NRI has recently been incorporated with non-profit status in Canada and Jonathan Visscher is the founding president of the Canadian branch. We are now working on building an orphanage in Haiti!


This project has been named Project7 and in the past year over a quarter of a million dollars was raised to pay for the construction of two homes on 7 acres of land surrounded by a 9' block wall with three gates. 24 children are living in the homes with house parents who teach them how to live sustainably. They have food growing on most of the land, and we are building with solar power in a totally off-the-grid system that allows them to operate the Children's Village without the need of outside funding. We have and will continue to guide them in setting up trade schooling for the older children which in turn allows them to learn life skills and sustain themselves when they leave the homes at age 18. We are currently teaching welding, masonry, electrical and other construction skills as well as mechanics and farming. The children also raise chickens for profit and make purses and other items from reclaimed materials which they sell. Check out how you can get involved at our website, New Reality International!

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